Welcome to the website of the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT). Our company, Blueskin Energy Limited, is working on establishing the proposed Blueskin Wind Farm.   BRCT is an IRD approved charitable trust formed in 2008 out of the need to support local sustainability and climate change initiatives in a planned and structured way.  In 2009 BRCT partnered with social enterprise incubator the "Akina Foundation" to progress our flagship project, the Blueskin Wind Cluster Project (see "About Us" to find out more about our story). We are also busy with a wide variety of projects, eventsreports, publications, submissions and building an improved Home Performance Advice (HPA) service.  Check out our 2016 projects below and our 2015 success stories at the bottom of this page. 

RoaringFortiesLandscapeThe Roaring Forties Landscape

The Resource Consent Hearing, to seek regulatory approval to build our proposed community wind farm, kicked off on Tuesday the 17th of May. The hearing was public. We updated Facebook and Twitter (@Blueskinpower) during the process. There's information available on the Blueskin Energy Ltd website as well (in great detail).

We’re encouraging you to share your thoughts, and to start discussions with us – on Facebook; we look forward to hearing them! The hearing has been adjourned by the Commissioner, until the 9th of June, when we get our 'Right of Reply' to the Planner who gave a summary at the end of the hearing.

You may also have seen the 'Cuppa Tea' page on the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust website. There is one article there that specifically addresses the #Blueskinwind proposal and implications for our $ energy dollar. Meanwhile here's an image of our 'Roaring Forties' Landscape.

The energy created by the Blueskin Wind Farm will be generated locally, directly
benefiting our community by translating into lower carbon loss and sustainable power. Email us at office@brct.org.nz or call us on 4822048 - we love to hear from you.


Current Project News in 2016 - April/May

Blueskin Wind Development

Enercon E44Community wind was prominent in discussions at the New Zealand Wind Energy Association conference in Wellington. Market scenario mapping also demonstrated that continued small wind generation projects like Flat Hill wind farm in Bluff and the proposed Blueskin Wind Development here in Blueskin Bay are a very good fit in the current market, and are curtailing electricity from fossil fuel generation, therefore reducing emissions.

 We are very pleased to have received the Section 42A Report (this is  the report by the DCC planner on our Resource Consent application). Our team are currently reviewing the report and considering the matters raised by it. Obviously we are pleased by the overall supportive recommendation. The report has also identified some issues for us to consider, which we will do. The hearing for our Resource Consent application will be on the 17th, 18th and possibly 19th of May.

 While in Wellington Scott was able to visit the  newly installed Brooklyn turbine overlooking Wellington from the suburb of Brooklyn. It was installed by Enercon and is an E44 model, with a 45 metre tower, and was just being checked over for electrical security when he visited. Installation of the turbine itself took just over a week. The Brooklyn wind turbine is owned by Meridian, and is also 'owned' by the Brooklyn community.

 A meeting with Electricity Authority was also held to discuss some of the challenges we’ve faced in trying to build new generation and provide electricity directly to our own community. We'd like to see the Electricity Authority pursue investigations into improving market access for small generators that want to sell electricity into their own community. To get in touch, visit the Blueskin Energy Ltd website or pop into the office at 1121 Mt Cargill Rd, Waitati. We can be contacted by telephone on 4822048.


Climate Safe House projectFrom the office

We've initiated preliminary work on the ‪#‎ClimateSafeHouse‬ project in a recent workshop with representatives from Otago Polytechnic, Cosy Homes, Dunedin City Council and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority all participating.

What's it all about? Community, Collaboration and Climate Solutions is the short answer. The long answer is that climate change is real and coastlines are changing. In June 2015, flooding wreaked havoc in South Dunedin. The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment anticipates that sea-levels may be 50 centimetres higher by 2050. The Second Generation District Plan for Dunedin has already designated new high hazard zones. Meanwhile many Dunedin homes lack rudimentary heating or insulation and fuel poverty is rife in our city. What do we do for those people who live in cold, unhealthy, dilapidated homes at increasing risk of flooding or inundation? How do we maintain community in a changing climate and reduce poor health outcomes? We're looking at establishing a relocatable home example that will retain community connectivity and provide a model of how we can manage our housing issues and adapt.

This is a project seeking a Dunedin solution to a local issue with national implications. Meanwhile we are continuing with the Home Performance Assessment service and have launched a new HPA website, where you can find out more about the service, who's involved, partners, etc. We are getting close to the sum required to replace an old PC, thanks to generous community donations and a $350 donation from the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board. To make a donation to assist our work (and help us get that computer) you can do so in the following ways: Email BRCT at office@brct.org.nz, or Donate using internet banking via the website. Donations are tax deductible so please make sure we have your name and address.


 Blueskin and Karitane Food System Report
Food blog for Cuppa tea 2.doc2The Report is now available to read and download from Resources. Alongside this in-depth report, look out for the latest stimulating Cuppa Tea article by Dr Hugh Campbell (High time for a Plan B in New Zealand agriculture?) - can our local food initiatives "trivial or small-scale and hopelessly marginalized from the national policy conversation" become a force for change "in a world where Plan A has failed"?







Our Successes in 2015

Survey for Wind Dev on Porteous3Blueskin Wind Farm Resource Consent application lodged
The Blueskin Wind Project has achieved a significant milestone in 2015 - lodging our Resource Consent application with the DCC after six years of hard work. It is supported by excellent science and expert appraisals and the journey since the idea was first proposed ten years ago has been rich and rewarding. We are now a significant step closer to establishing an exciting community asset that can benefit us all - and show how small communities can sustain themselves into the future. Our BEL website has information about the project.

The proposal is for a small-scale energy development on Porteous Hill comprising three turbines on a 24ha title with access Porteous Road and the Kilmog. The turbines will measure about 90 metres to the blade tip, including a 60 metre tower. The wind farm will generate over 7 Gigawatt hours per year - enough power to supply all of the Blueskin community’s annual electricity needs, and more.


This idea came from a community workshop in 2006 that led to the  big vision of the Blueskin area becoming a truly sustainable, resilient community. The aim of the Blueskin Wind project is to generate income that can be directed into the things that matter to us while producing clean local electricity.



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