September 2013

BRCT Cosy Homes WorkshopBlueskin talent was showcased big time at the Dunedin ‘Cosy Homes workshop’ we organised on the 6th September (see inset photo, which was taken during the workshop), through the food!

Our full thanks goes to the Blueskin Playcentre team who provided outstanding catering and contributed to a very successful event. There were close to 80 people at the event from all sectors, and we didn’t just end with a consensus on Cosy Homes Action, but also consensus on the quality of the food. We were asked: “do you always eat like this in Blueskin?” Well, we do try our best, and Blueskin Playcentre sets a very high standard!

The big outcome from the Cosy Homes workshop was a strong commitment from all participants to work together to make ‘every Dunedin home warm and cosy by 2025’ and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) got conversations going by putting some money in the pot right at the start of the day.  A huge thank you has to go to the Otago Community Trust, Dunedin City Council and Presbyterian Support Otago for funding the workshop.  I have since been in Wellington at the Community Energy Network Conference to represent the Cosy Homes project, make important connections with others in similar fields and secure additional funding for the project.

Scott, representing BRCT, attended the 12th September Chamber of Commerce lunch with John Key to hear about the Governments regional development position. BRCT has also written to Steven Joyce (the Minister for Economic Development) to express our dismay at the proposed cuts to Invermay and provide our thoughts on regional development. We have also had another busy submission month, with a submission on the Second Generation District Plan, heavily focused on improving the environment for renewable generation, identifying hazards and providing for an uncertain future, and focussing on resilient townships. BRCT also made a submission on the proposal to give non-notified consent for exploratory off-shore drilling around NZ in the ‘Activity classifications under the Exclusive Economic Zone Act’.

The wind project remains Scott’s core activity and at the time of writing we’re digging out our glad rags for the second Grass Roots Gig on the 5th of October. BRCT is very appreciative of everyone making this happen – our small bit is a fun-raising and fundraising auction between sets, and we can promise you some wonderful items!  A new Cuppa Tea article is out. Please take a look and join in, and contribute to the discussion!