Community Energy Advice


Energy AdviceCall 929 1323 for free telephone advice on home energy efficiency including saving power, high bills, cold homes, condensation, funding and subsidy advice, renewable generation for households.

Cosy Homes Assessments at a subsidised rate provide comprehensive advice on reducing home energy costs and improving thermal comfort and energy productivity. We seek to end fuel poverty in our communities.

We provide professional independent advice to help people make improvements in their homes and alter practices to ensure warmer, healthier, cosy homes and comfortable and affordable living environments.

Please get in touch with us for details Call: 03 482 2048 Email:

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Formailisation of our Community Energy Advice programme was born our of a successful collaboration with the Otago University’s Energy Cultures team in 2012, working in Brockville, North East Valley and us at BRCT.  BRCT is a member of the Community Energy Network, a national network of community enterprises working together to create warm homes, strong communities and a healthy environment for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

BRCT worked with the people of Pine Hill and Presbyterian Support Otago to deliver Community Energy Advice in Pine Hill from February to June 2013. BRCT then partnered with the Otago Community Trust, the Dunedin City Council and Presbyterian Support Otago to run a city wide "Cosy Homes" workshop in September of that year with the goal of building a unified city approach to make every home in Dunedin warm & cosy by 2025. Out of this work, the idea for Cosy Homes was born and we worked with city partners to establish the Cosy Homes Trust which we support through participation on the board and provision of front-line services.