August 2013

Cosy Homes Workshop InviteLast month a new project got off the ground and this month we got stuck into organsing it: the Cosy Homes Workshop (see inset image of the project proposal), which is in collaboration with the DCC, Otago Community Trust and Presbyterian Support Otago). The aim of the workshop is create a road map of how to make Dunedin homes warm and cosy by 2025. We are putting all of the key stakeholders in a room and locking the door on them until they sort it out (only joking! The door won’t be locked).  One of the cool things about the event (other than the event itself, which is pretty awesome) is that the Blueskin Playcentre will provide us with food on the day as their own fundraiser. All of that has kept me busy for the month. Scott has been mostly very deep in work on our headline Blueskin wind cluster project.

During the last 10 months in BRCT a lot has happened. We have been working on Climate Change Planning, a project that we hope we can continue (we’re seeking funding for a collaborative project lead-on). We had such positive feedback and great contributions from the Waitati community.  I have been kept on my toes sifting through interviews and finding awesome nuggets of information.

At the last Trust meeting, Trustees accepted with understanding Chris Skellett’s resignation and value his continued strong support of the BRCT vision and objectives. BRCT also welcomed Kath Dixon, with her passion for and commitment to sustainability on board as a new Trustee.

Additional activity has been seen us participate in the Community Resilience Forum meeting, submit on the DCC Transport Strategy, and making funding applications (one for resources to improve our energy advice service). We do need to secure resources to maintain our level of activity in a constrained funding environment and we'd appreciate you spreading word on Payroll Giving with friends and family interested in supporting local sustainability initiatives and BRCT's work in particular. Every small direct donation we get helps maintain our level of output and through Payroll Giving donors receive an immediate tax benefit (a monthly $10 donation actually costs $6.66). Thank you to those of you who are already part of this programme - we very much appreciate it!

The Cuppa Tea project was launched in the Waitati Library on August 2nd with guests, cups of tea and short speeches. The Cuppa Tea showcases opinion pieces by invited writers. Please take a look and join in, and tell us what you think. As we write we are looking forward to visits from James Shaw from the Akina (ex-Hikurangi) Foundation and our Patron, Jeanette Fitzsimons.