About Us

Blueskin's largest settlement Waitati was heAbout usavily flooded in April 2006. In September 2006 a community visioning exercise kicked off a community wide strategic thinking exercise, and the Waitati Edible Gardeners group (the Weggies) was set up. In 2007, the Blueskin Energy Project (first called the 'Waitati Energy Project') was established, and on the 1st of October 2008 the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust was launched.

"Our governance" page details who has been involved in the making of BRCT at the beginning (bottom of page) through to our most recent Trustees are listed at the top.

Waitati is the largest of the Blueskin settlements and hosts the Trust's office, but is not all there is to Blueskin. From Long Beach, to Karitane, with all the settlements in between, Blueskin is a place of diverse coastal settlement and rich heritage. With an expanded number of community initiatives actively working to make the transition to a lower energy future and seeking to lower the carbon footprint of Blueskin Bay settlements, we are a dynamic community. The Trust represents this general vision, and enables initiatives that meet the Trust's objectives. Our Trustees represent the diversity of our community and currently hail from Warrington, Waitati, Dons Creek and Purakaunui.

As a legal body BRCT can sign agreements, apply for funding, negotiate/secure contracts and demonstrate transparent process to enable community respect and give oversight to projects developed or supported by the Trust. BRCT’s mandate is not inherited, it is earned through the delivery of projects and initiatives that benefit the community and ensure ongoing community support. We’re very fortunate to have a diverse and very experienced volunteer community in the Blueskin Bay area, whose long social and environment activist history and experience is regularly infused with rich new blood. The BRCT office is located at Waitati School.

Our vision:
We will facilitate a positive, healthy, secure and resilient future for Blueskin Bay and linked communities and promote sustainable resource use.

Our mission:
The Trust will act to strengthen our communities in the immediate, mid and long-term future, with emphasis on energy, food, water and community resilience.

Our objectives:

  1. To develop and administer projects that provide education, support and resources to maximise locally based sustainable provision of energy, food, and water.
  2. To develop and administer projects that provide education, support and resources to minimise energy use, encourage healthy homes and encourage sustainable households.
  3. To secure and manage funding to achieve the stated goals of the Trust, and to stimulate local sustainable economic activity.
  4. To develop and maintain relationships to achieve the stated goals of the Trust.
  5. To ensure community partnership in any enterprises initiated by the Trust and to aim for the most equitable use of resources.
  6. To foster linkages between organisations with objectives similar to, or complementary to, the Trust’s own Vision and Objectives.
  7. The Trust’s goals and activity will always remain charitable.

Our values:
See our Values Document that clearly explains our Values, Value Protocols and Value Exchange.

Our charitable status and IRD info:
Incorporated as a Charitable Trust on 1 October 2008: CC42634.
We are GST registered: 101-261-026.
We hold ‘Donee Organisation’ status with the IRD.

Our memberships:
BRCT is a member of the Community Energy Network, Otago Chamber of Commerce and a provisional member of Cooperative Business New Zealand.