Blueskin Energy Network

We are democratizing the electricity network with cleaner, cheaper and smarter electricity. BEN is a participatory retail platform and smart grid marketplace in partnership with YES Power designed to enable greater use of renewable technologies such as wind and solar energy. It can enable the incorporation of zero emission transport.

Climate Safe House

We are planning and implementing adaptation to climate impacts in coastal New Zealand. This flax-roots project is a community response to the combined climate and housing crises.

We have built New Zealand’s first climate safe house: affordable, transportable and modular. 

Mihiwaka Walking Track

This project involves working with key stakeholders to scope out a beautiful route that will take you through the wilderness and mountains of the Mihiwaka area. Along the journey you can encounter our amazing landscapes from the summits of Mt. Cargill, Mt. Chalmers and Mopanui. Each summit gives you a rare view of Dunedin and its stunning surroundings.

Emergency Response

We support residents and community partners in Emergency Response planning. Climate change increases the frequency and intensity of adverse events. To thrive together in adversity and to build resilience we work to strengthen our community.  

About Us: Encounters in Ōtepoti, Dunedin

BRCT provides Umbrella support for the About Us: Encounters in Ōtepoti, Dunedin project team. The About Us project is a project full of aroha which aims to share stories of refugees based in Dunedin and is so important for building understanding and appreciation of our diversity. 

The project team of Yasmin, Massi, Luis and Nathalie are talking to Ōtepoti Dunedin residents who have chosen or who have had to come and live here from all corners of the world. They will share these stories on OAR FM and on all major podcast platforms from the start of 2020. If you want to share a story of your journey to Dunedin or know someone who does, or to keep updated on their work

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