Climate Safe House is a community-led, multi-decade project that aims to develop housing for areas vulnerable to coastal changes caused by climate change.

2016 – 2020
Over the past three years we have:

Conducted research into:

      • Existing housing stock in flood hazard zones.
      • The perception of flood risk by residents in flood hazard zones.
      • Plans for a possible future response to flood risk by residents in flood hazard zones.

Designed and are in the process of constructing a house that is:

      • Healthy to live in
      • Affordable
      • Transportable, so you could move with it if you had to
      • Modular, so it can grow with your family
      • Energy efficient.

Engaged with:

      • Students
      • Residents
      • Decision makers
        Industry including the banking and insurance sector.

Provided a blueprint:

      • For future house builders
      • For other organisations
      • For local and national government.

2020 – 2030
We will continue to develop and implement climate safe housing and community-focused solutions.

2030 – 2040
We will facilitate the development of sustainable, climate safe settlements.

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