An independent HomeFit professional will come to your home and assess how warm, dry and healthy it is. If it meets the standard, you’ll get a HomeFit stamp – so you can be sure the home is fit for your family.

A HomeFit rating also gives buyers and renters confidence that a home meets ventilation, insulation, heating and energy efficiency standards, and gives landlords peace of mind that they’re meeting their obligations too.

Book by calling 03-482 2048.


BRCT supplies a limited range of Mammoth products suitable for a southern climate. Mammoth insulation has a good ‘R’ rating and importantly is very durable and will retain its ‘R’ rating through time. For a quote please call us on 03-482 2048 or send us an email.

Bulk Firewood

We can provide bulk firewood for a good price for delivery within Blueskin Bay. The drop-off area needs to be big enough to accommodate a truck and trailer unit.

If you are interested, please call us on 03-482 2048 or send us an email.


Carbon Neutral Conferences

Conferences bring people together, face to face, in a productive environment. We offer a carbon management service that provides transparency and credibility in monitoring and analysis to ensure your conference is not only a success, but is also carbon neutral with a positive impact. 

BRCT worked with the Public Health Association to deliver a carbon neutral PHA conference in 2015. To find out more please call us on 03-482 2048 or send us an email.

Cosy Energy Advice

We have suspended our Cosy Energy Advice service due to a funding shortfall.

We suggest you contact the Cosy Homes Trust until such time as we can re-establish the service.

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