February 2014

Flash mobOn Saturday the 1st March a Cosy Homes Flash Mob descended on Waitati!

So what do I mean by a Cosy Homes Flash mob?  Well, at the Cosy Homes Workshop back in September 2013 a conversation was kicked off due to the awesome people in the room and the desire to see change happen from the ground up.  A lovely Waitatian couple are in need of insulation and have a slightly problematic house that falls outside of any other subsidies.  So Smart Energy Solutions have offered to provide the insulation free of charge if we can provide the people power to help. Habitat for Humanity offered to lend us their lovely folk from “A brush with kindness” and with some additional people power we can take the roof off, allow access for the insulation installers and put a new roof back on.  So, a “flash mob” descended on a home in Waitati and now it is warm and cosy.

Talking of cosy homes, the cosy homes steering group have been busy.  We held Skype interviews with both Phil Squires, CEO of the Sustainability Trust in Wellington and Chris Farrelly, Chair of Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau, (he also happens to be CEO of Manaia Health PHO, Northland).  Both of these organisations are working towards similar goals to the Dunedin Cosy Homes group but using two very different models.  As a result of the Skype interview and with the financial support of EECA both Chris Farrelly and Robert Linterman (from EECA) will be here in March to further the conversation and promote the concept to some key organisations.

Our Climate Change Planning is coming along in the shape of the Blueskin Food System Assessment (supported by the Lottery Grants Board, Community Research fund).  Alongside Ahika Consulting, we will be focusing on and talking to many members of our community who grow their own produce, either for personal or commercial use so we can create a clearer picture of what our current food system looks like.  If you are interested in having a chat with us, please contact us.

Lastly, our Community Energy Advice is still running and we now have access to two new nationally certified Home Performance Advisors who, for a fee, are providing in-home energy advice.  Please get in touch with us for details of that service and for free information we have at the office.