Our Values

Value exchange diagram

  1. Thriving Together : Thriving together well and equitably
  2. Distributing Surplus : Distributing surplus to enrich social & environmental health
  3. Encountering Others : Encountering others in ways that support their wellbeing as well as ours
  4. Consuming Sustainably : Living and consuming sustainably in recognition that all human life and activity occurs within the limitations of planet Earth
  5. Caring : Caring for - maintaining, replenishing, and growing - our natural and cultural commons
  6. Investing for the future : Investing our wealth in future generations so that they can live well

See our Values Document that clearly explains our Values, Value Protocols and Value Exchange.

We have been inspired by the ethical considerations set out in the book "Take Back the Economy: An ethical guide for transforming our communities" by Gibson-Graham, Cameron and Healy, which can be found on pages xviii - xix.